Bio - David Sieczkiewicz


Why DAS?

    This would be short for David Alexander Sieczkiewicz. It was once suggested to me to take on a nickname which I elected against and chose to abbreviate my initials instead. In modern times it's more important than ever for us to take pride in ourselves and who we are.  I came upon the decision for using DAS as it would make it simpler to find me - as you can see, my last name isn't the easiest to spell. The dasphotogallery came about during a trip to the north shore of Oahu. While swimming and shooting out at Pipeline, someone asked me how they could get ahold of me, so that's when dasphotogallery came to me and now it's what I use for my site and social media outlets.

Why Photography?

   It is important for you and I to have a way to express ourselves - what we see, what we feel, the things that drive us. Life is full of challenges that we must embrace head on, no matter how hard they might seem to be. Photography in many aspects is an evolving challenge so this challenge to have what I use for an expressive outlet to be seen, valued and connected with by the end viewer inspires me in my purpose to create my work. This purpose to provide meaning through this form of expression is something that I wish to be experienced and felt  through my work, so that you can enjoy what has been created in the same way I receive joy in the creative process. 

   Photography also serves as an outlet for me to escape whatever may be on my mind and also to serve as an outlet to express feelings of gratitude for life. Shouldn't we all have an outlet? A way to create an Identity for ourselves as well as something for you and I to identify with? Ultimately, my goal is to create something that is of substantial value for you to have that feeling of expression, to appreciate the challenges in life, to have an outlet to reflect upon which creates an Identity for all to enjoy. So much of our world is about instant gratification, sometimes what's here and now can be quickly gone and forgotten. Photography as art is something that should last a lifetime,  just like our expressions, our souls, the challenges we overcome and the identity we leave behind in this universe.

Why Ocean?

  As you can notice the majority of my work is based around the sea, and if not the sea, then around nature. These places bring upon a soothing experience to the soul. Whether it's a calm or turbulent body of water, a picturesque landscape, or a form of life, all these aspects have respectable elements of beauty. The natural elements can also serve as a happy place, an area where we can go and be alone or sometimes share with a companion. This retreat is where we can embark on what brings us happiness, where we allow ourselves to forget the problems in our lives. Nature, and the ocean specifically, creates that atmosphere for me. This is something that I want to recreate for you - the viewer, the fan, the consumer, the individual - to appreciate and enjoy.   

   With wave art there is an exciting challenge that comes with the creation process. The challenge of trying to anticipate what the ocean will do next, the challenge of trying to balance composition and light with something that can be next to unpredictable, the challenge of having dedication and drive needed to either awake at odd hours or to endure bitter and cold New England winter's water temperatures, the challenge to overcome defeat when things can and do go wrong, to endure the blood, sweat and sometimes tears - it all creates a love and a passion!

Life as Art

  Life is a journey that we embark on. Every day is a gift, a blessing, something that should be cherished. Art can have very similar qualities - it can be a blessing when gifted, and it can be cherished by the appreciator. Art like life is an ever growing process with always something new to learn and to be grateful for. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and enjoy the work and details that goes into it all. 


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